Scientific Ocean Drilling

Travel Support for IODP Expeditions and related activities

Procedure from Application to Boarding

After the application deadline for onboard science party, the J-DESC Drilling Expedition Expert Committee of IODP Section will evaluate the applicants and send a recommendation to the Science Operator of the expedition. Based on the evaluation results in each country, the Science Operator and the Co-chief scientists of the expedition will select the science party members. The results will be notified to all applicants from the Science Operator.

General schedule from call for science party to start of an expedition

General schedule from call for science party to start of an expeditionの図

Support for Scientist Selected as a Member of the Science Party [First Check Items]

J-DESC/JAMSTEC provides travel support for scientist who applied through J-DESC and was selected to the Science Party of IODP Expedition. This chapter describes items common to onboard support and post-cruise support.

Who can receive the support from J-DESC

A scientist who applied for the Science Party through J-DESC, and selected to the Science Party of IODP Expedition. But please note that the scientist who do not belong to Japanese institutions located in Japan or do not live in Japan can’t receive the support from J-DESC after expedition.

Expenses subject to support

Essential expenses to participate in the IODP activities will be supported.

  • Travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, daily allowance)
  • Expenses for medical examinations, vaccinations, safety training, etc. that are essential for boarding (only those that have been instructed by the Science Operator)
  • Passport issuance fee (for 5 years) (if you do not have a valid passport)
  • Visa (including ESTA/ETAS) (application fees, transportation to consulates, etc.)


  • Although JAMSTEC commissions the scientists to travel for the period of the expedition and related activities, be sure to have personnel management and disaster compensation by your affiliation throughout the travel period.
  • Please DO NOT buy tickets before JAMSTEC commissions you.
  • In principle, travel expenses, including airfare, will be settled after the business trip. If you would like to pay an estimate in advance, please let us know when you apply.
  • The expenses for excursion (transportation, accommodation, daily allowance etc.) are not covered.
  • The cost of holding the conference (venue fee, reception fee, inspection tour fee, etc.) are not covered even in the case of the conference related to the expedition will be held in Japan.

Obligation to Report

The report should be submitted within two weeks after each activity.  The report will be on the J-DESC website and will be submitted to the committee. Acknowledge IODP and JAMSTEC support when you publish on the scientific papers. In addition, please inform the J-DESC support office of the author, title, journal, publication year, publication number, publication page of the published paper.

Cooperation in outreach activities

J-DESC ask all onboard researchers to cooperate with the J-DESC outreach activities.

Onboard Report

Please contribute the onboard reports on what happened during the expedition. There is no limit on the number of times or posting frequency. During the period of boarding, we would be grateful if you could send us a report that conveys the situation of the site, including photographs, if possible.

Contents of the onboard report
  • Report title
  • Text (word file, etc.) *There is no limit to the number of characters
  • Photos (image files such as JPG) (optional) *No number specified
  • Caption of the photo


  • Please do not include information that the operator considers confidential, such as an accident during expedition.
  • For photos of people with clear faces, please inform the person in advance that the photo will be posted on the J-DESC website and obtain permission.
  • Please follow the instructions and instructions of the Co-chief and EPM (Staff Scientist).

Press release

Prior to the expedition, JAMSTEC will issue a press release about the outline, schedule and purpose of the expedition. Please help us making the release draft. The J-DESC Support Office will contact you for details.

Handling of personal information

Your personal information will be used only for travel support and properly filed by JAMSTEC Personal Information Protection Rule.

Table of travel assistance to IODP research teams

Detail of each procedure is following;