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Contribution to the OCEAN DECADE

Contribution to the OCEAN DECADE

What is the OCEAN DECADE?

At the 75th United Nations General Assembly in 2017, the UN General Assembly decided to designate the decade beginning in 2021 as the "Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development" (hereafter referred to as the "UN Ocean Decade") is a period of intensive international efforts to achieve the 14 SDGs goals of "Protecting the Abundance of the Seas.

J-DESC Initiatives

J-DESC has applied for and received approval in October 2022 under the "Contributions" category for activities aimed at improving ocean science literacy in order to contribute to the "United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UN Ocean Decade)“. The application was approved in October 2022 under the "Contributions" category. We have been working to increase awareness of ocean drilling and to develop human resources by holding symposiums and workshops, establishing and implementing core schools and the SCORE educational boarding program, etc. Through these efforts, we will further contribute to improving literacy in ocean science, especially in the field of drilling science.

TitleAdvancing literacy on Earth and Ocean Dynamics through ocean scientific drilling, J-DESC-IODP initiative
AbbreviationsJ-DESC-IODP Literacy initiative
PurposeThe Initiative aims to advance Ocean Literacy based on ocean drilling science as a part of global drilling science framework of IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program). IODP is an international marine research collaboration that explores Earth's history and dynamics through drilling down below the ocean floor. In this contribution, Japanese scientific community of ocean drilling science (J-DESC), the regional representative of IODP, aims to promote UN Decade of Ocean Sciences through its communication network among scientists, students and general public of Japan. The “Advancing literacy on Earth and Ocean Dynamics through ocean scientific drilling, J-DESC-IODP initiative” includes hands-on training for students and early-career scientists who are new to the ocean scientific drilling by organizing workshops and symposia for enhancing literacy of ocean science beneath the seafloor. Through its communication networks, J-DESC works as a platform to accelerate communication and networking and thus advances literacy of ocean sciences.


J-DESC Symposium "Drilling Science Opens the Future" (held on 2023/01/20)
A symposium was held for the general public to introduce drilling science, including ocean drilling science.