Sample /Data Accsess

ReCoRD will be conducted within the scope of the IODP Sample, Data and Obligations Policy. The following requirements must be met to submit an IODP sample request;

  1. The proposal must be a scientific proposal for the purpose of academic research,
  2. Publish the results within three years of sample acquisition.
  3. Collaborate with researchers in the research team of the adopted proposal,
  4. Include the program name (KCC-J-DESC ReCoRD Program) and the adoption number in the acknowledgement when the results are published.

IODP Sample Requests submitted during the ReCoRD Data Sample Request Call Period will be reviewed together after the Call Period ends. However, if there is any overlap in research objectives, the lead proponent's request will be given priority since the lead proponent's ReCoRD Rata Sample Request has already been approved at the time of the announcement of the adopted theme.

Acceptance of Sample Requests

IODP Sample Requests will be open under the accepted proposal. Sample requests submitted within this period will be combined and adjusted for duplicates, before sampling is conducted. The content of IODP sample requests may be shared with the lead proponent for coordination purposes. After the request is approved, it will be shared among the participants.

How to Submit an IODP Sample Request

Please also see the description of access to samples/data and submit through the IODP Sample Request submission site. Please indicate the ReCoRD adoption number in the Objectives of your sample request.

Access to Pre-Acquisition Data

Pre-acquired data will be shared among potential participants whose requests are approved during the sample request acceptance period. Data will be made available online after a certain period of time.

Sampling Party

The date of the sampling party and the nature of the work will be determined through discussions among the participants, led by the KCC representative and the lead proponent. If a sampling party is held, it is not mandatory for all participants to attend, but it is recommended to participate in the sampling party, especially if the sample quantity is large or a specific target is selected for sampling. We are in the process of arranging for sampling party participants to use the accommodations at Kochi University free of charge (except on Saturdays and Sundays). Student participants can also use J-DESC's "Student Travel Support Program for KCC Legacy Core Sampling".

The schedule and work will be decided by the lead proponent and other participants upon consultation.