Science Support Program for J-DESC research activities

J-DESC Support Program for Bottom-up Projects


J-DESC Support Program for Bottom-up Projects is a pillar program to support the bottom-up activities which was proposed by J-DESC members. The program provides partial support for the implementation of projects (workshops, public relations activities, networking activities, etc.) related to the promotion of scientific drilling and the strengthening of cooperation.

The Review Committee will impartially review and decide on the adoption and allocation of proposals.

This program support for…

  • Workshops for scientific drilling proposals
  • Consortium activities in each region (symposiums, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Outreach and public relations activities related with international meetings
  • Networking events for early career researchers and students
  • Public relations activities about scientific drilling (productions, publicity, etc.)
    *Joint projects between J-DESC members are welcome.

Budget scale (FY2023)

Total 300,000 yen (multiple proposals to be adopted)

Application Guidelines

Outline of Application

Applications must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the activity date. If you need to apply the activities less than 2 months for some reasons, please consult with the J-DESC Support Office.

Application requirements

Applicants must be J-DESC regular member organizations (or their affiliated persons) and individual members.

How to Apply

Please fill out the designated application form and send it to the J-DESC Support Office.
The application form can be downloaded from HERE.

Selection Process

The Review Committee will impartially review and decide on the adoption and allocation of proposals.

Submission After the Adoption of the Program

Report: Please submit the report within 30 days from the date of completion of the activity.
In principle, the report should be written in Japanese. If an English-language report is to be prepared for an international symposium, etc., please attach a summary of the report in Japanese.
In addition to the above, you may be asked to have a presentation at J-DESC meetings.


  • Please do not use this expense to cover all expenses, but use it in conjunction with other expenses to help yourself.
  • As a rule, conference membership fees and other expenses cannot be paid with this expense.
  • There is a restriction that expenditures for travel expenses from this expense should be less than 50% of the adopted amount (relaxed from April 2010).
    • *There are no restrictions regarding the adoption of support for proposal preparation.
    • *Travel expenses for invited speakers, students, etc. may be paid.
    • *Expenditures for onboard education support/promotional publicity activities are also allowed, provided that the amount does not exceed 50% of the adopted amount.
    • *If it is necessary to exceed 50%, please submit an application with a statement of reasons, and the Review Committee will make a decision.
  • The method of payment of expenses will be notified after the selection is made.

Member of the Review Committee for FY2022

  • Azumi Kuroyanagi (Tohoku University) *Chair
  • Megumi SAITO (National Museum of Nature and Science)
  • Tetsuya SAKAYAMA (Osaka Metropolitan University)
  • Makoto Otsubo (AIST)
  • Yoshitaka Hashimoto (Kochi University)