Science Support Program for J-DESC research activities


J-DESC provides a variety of research support for the promotion of Earth drilling science. Some support is provided in collaboration with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). This section includes the support system for Earth Drilling Science by JAMSTEC.

Support for various research activities

J-DESC support program for bottom-up projects

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This is a pillar program to support the bottom-up activities of J-DESC members. The program provides partial support for the implementation of projects (workshops, publicity activities, exchange activities, etc.) related to the promotion of Earth Drilling Science and strengthening the cooperation between J-DESC members. Proposals will be selected and allocated by the Review Committee in a fair and impartial manner.

JAMSTEC Workshop Support Program

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In order to encourage the continuous submission and implementation of drilling proposals originating in Japan, JAMSTEC provides partial cost support for participating in or holding workshops and other events related to IODP and ICDP.

Support for Students and Young Researchers

Student Travel Support Program for Legacy Core Sampling at KCC

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The Kochi Core Center (KCC), one of IODP's three major core repositories in the world, stores a large number of legacy cores (core samples collected during past ocean scientific drilling expeditions). The J-DESC provides partial subsidies for travel expenses to visit KCC for students (undergraduate and graduate) from J-DESC participating institutions who are conducting research using these cores. This program is also available to students visiting KCC for the Repository Core Re-Discovery Program (ReCoRD) as sampling party.

Support Program for Participation in Schools and Seminars

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The program provides partial financial support for participation in schools, seminars, etc. on Earth drilling science organized by organizations and groups other than J-DESC.

J-DESC Core School

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J-DESC offer core schools to acquire the skills necessary for core analysis. Various courses are available ranging from basic courses to acquire basic skills and courses with more applied and specialized content.

For students and graduate students from J-DESC member institutions, travel expenses for participation are supported.

SCORE Educational Embarkation

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The Chikyu Shallow Core Program (SCORE) is a short-duration drilling program conducted by JAMSTEC’s drilling vessel Chikyu. The "Educational Embarkation Quota" is available.

The Chikyu Shallow Core Program (SCORE) is a program that makes effective use of opportunities for the D/V Chikyu to go out to sea. Proposals for piston coring performed in a short time are widely invited from J-DESC members. Please use this opportunity as a step-up for proposals for international programs.

Drilling Proposal Support

Support for drilling proposals for ICDP (onshore drilling)

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The ICDP Executive Committee provides support for preparing proposals for ICDP drilling proposals.

Support for drilling proposals for IODP (offshore drilling)

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Support for proposals preparation for IODP drilling proposals (j-watch) and support for acquisition of preliminary survey data is provided by the Scientific Promotion Specialist Group of the IODP Section.

Support for Researchers Aboard the Ship

Please refer to the IODP Embarkation Support page.

  • Travel and other necessary expenses for embarkation will be covered.
  • J-DESC will provide necessary expenses for the Sampling Party, etc. to be held after the embarkation.
  • J-DESC's unique support programs include "Pre-Cruise Training" and "After-Cruise Work.

Please note that there are detailed precautions for each support programs, so please check them carefully.