Continental Scientific Drilling

ICDP structure and committees

ICDP structure

ICDP member countries pay contributions (amounts vary by country), and ICDP accepts scientific land drilling proposals from researchers in member countries. Selected proposals can receive partial subsidies for excavation costs, and various support and services will be provided.
ICDP is operated under the following system.

Assembly of Governors (AOG):

    The AOG provides financial and scientific oversight. It determines the program policies, decides on EC recommended Full Proposals and allocates the amount of comingled ICDP funding for each individual drilling project. In addition, the AOG decides on the Annual Program Plan and the associated budget and discusses the Long-range Plan of the ICDP prepared and proposed by the EC.

Executive Committee (EC):

    EC is responsible for the operation and management of the program. It decides on Workshop Proposals, reviews the feasibility of Full Proposals, and recommends funding of Full Proposals to the AOG. It assembles the scientifically prioritized projects into an Annual Program Plan with an associated budget as base for decision to AOG.

Science Advisory Group (SAG):

SAG is an independent body of internationally renowned experts. It has the task of carrying out a thorough scientific evaluation of all Pre-, Workshop and Full Proposals submitted to ICDP.

Operational Support Groupe (OSG)

OSG organizes drilling projects, provides tools and services and supports project scientists in all aspects of the preparation and execution of a drilling project.

Committee member from Japan(as of May 2023)

SAGYoshinori TsuchiyaTohoku University