Scientific Ocean Drilling

Pre-cruise Training & After Cruise Work

There are two supports available only for Japan-based Science Party (including MSP’s Onshore Science Party), such as the Pre-cruise Training and the After Cruise work as described below. Application is necessary for the support.

Pre-cruise Training


Pre-cruise Training is to discuss objectives and strategies of the expedition among Japan-based Science Party before the expedition in order to advance IODP activities in Japan. J-DESC Support Office/JAMSTEC provides travel supports for attendees.  This support is for only Science Party (including MSP’s Onshore Science Party). The travel should be only domestic and only travel fees are provided.  The Science Party can decide to hold the meeting and meeting contents. A representative among the Science Party should submit the application. If you would like to hold the training at the Kochi Core Center (KCC), please contact J-DESC Support Office before application for the arrangement with KCC.


Application (Form_4) Submit two months before the training

Report (Form_5) Submit within two weeks after the work

After Cruise Work


After Cruise Work is to conduct the core analysis not finished during the IODP Expeditions or core analysis identified after the IODP Expeditions (including MSP’s Onshore Science Party). Conditions described below have to be satisfied and the approval of the IODP Drilling Expedition Subcommittee is required for the travel support. No support of instruments use fee or consumption articles.

  • IODP Science Party (including MSP’s Onshore Science Party) applied through J-DESC
  • Moratorium period after the expedition
  • Data shared among the Science Party (no personal research)
  • Analysis of core samples and measurements
  • Domestic research facilities, ex. KCC

Following supports are also provided at the KCC.

Go to the KCC website


ACW Application Form (Form_6) Submit before two months
KCC Instruments Use Application form (Form_7) Submit before two months
Report (Form_8) Submit within two weeks after the work