Scientific Ocean Drilling

Support for Post-expedition meetings

J-DESC support for the travel expenses to participate the meetings which is held officially as IODP post-cruise meeting.

When it is decided to hold a meeting

When you receive the information of the post-cruise meeting such as sampling party, 1st and 2nd post-cruise meeting, please forward it to the J-DESC Support Office.

Please note that you can buy the tickets after receiving JAMSTEC’s request letter. Travel expenses will be supported in accordance with the travel expenses regulations of JAMSTEC.

Eligible Travel and Documents

Eligible Travel

  • Sampling Party
  • 1st Post-expedition (cruise) meeting (Co-chief and invited scientist only)
  • 2nd Post-expedition (cruise) meeting

Documents to be submitted;

  • Travel expense application form
  • Air ticket invoice and receipt
  • E-ticket details
  • Boarding pass stub (original) or boarding certificate
  • Hotel receipt (original)
    (*Accommodation fee is a stipulated amount, but if it exceeds this amount, it is possible to pay at the actual cost.)
  • Hotel detailed statement (statement that shows the accommodation fee for each day)
  • Credit card statement when paying for the hotel bill 
  • Vehicle fee receipt (original) other than public transportation
  • Receipts of transportation fees used overseas (original) or documents such as official websites that show the fees (*Tips are not paid)


  • The expenses for excursion (transportation, accommodation, daily allowance etc.) are not covered.
  • Accommodation fee includes accommodation fee, food and drink supplement, miscellaneous expenses associated with accommodation (service fee, tax, communication fee, etc.).
  • The daily allowance includes food and drink supplement, communication fee, miscellaneous expenses, sheet fee and cleaning fee when boarding. Expenses other than accommodation, such as food and beverage charges, cannot be paid separately as accommodation expenses.
  • If there are other expenses, please contact the J-DESC Support Office as soon as possible.