Exp. 403: Eastern Fram Strait Paleo-Archive


航海名Exp. 403: Eastern Fram Strait Paleo-Archive
Scientific Prospectus
・プロポーザル #985-Full2, #985-Add
Scientific Prospectus
共同首席研究者Renata Gulia Lucchi and Kristen St. John
掘削船JOIDES Resolution
乗船/下船地Amsterdam to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans are major players in the climatic evolution of the Northern Hemisphere and in the history of meridional overturning circulation of the Atlantic Ocean. The establishment of modern North Atlantic water has been identified as one of the main forcing mechanisms for the onset of the Northern Hemisphere glaciation. Many uncertainties remain about the establishment, evolution, and role of the northern North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean circulation in relation to the opening of the Fram Strait, and its impact on the Earth’s global climate during major climatic transitions that have occurred since the Late Miocene. Understanding system interactions between ocean currents and the cryosphere under changing insulation and CO2 conditions of the past is particularly important for ground truthing climate models. The reconstruction of the paleo Svalbard-Barents Sea Ice Sheet (SBSIS) is critical as it is considered the best available analogue to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, whose loss of stability is presently the major uncertainty in projecting global sea level in response to present-day global climate warming induced by rapidly increasing atmospheric CO2 content. Reconstructing the dynamic history of the western margin of Svalbard and eastern side of the Fram Strait at the gateway to the Arctic is key to understanding the linkage between atmospheric CO2 concentration, ocean dynamics, and cryosphere as main drivers of climate changes.


飯塚 睦北海道大学博士課程Organic Geochemist
酒井 雄飛京都大学修士課程Downhole Measurement
Physical Properties Specialist
菅沼 悠介国立極地研究所准教授Sedimentologist