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SE12: Collaboration on Asia-Oceania Marine Geology Towards Future Ocean Drilling Investigations

Anticipation is building for scientific advancement through ocean drilling in Asia and Oceania with the addition of new drilling ships and seismic vessels to the national infrastructure of countries in Asia. Ocean drilling is a complex operation that requires large, stable funding and human resources, time, and contribution from the individual members of marine scientific communities. It is not clear how the management structure will be formed and operate, but hopefully, those issues will be resolved in the next few years among the international stakeholders. As scientists, we need to plan by developing new ideas for scientific drilling, coming up with new proposals, making plans for site surveys, considering technical and operational issues, and training next-generation scientists. All these matters take time and demand effective communication among scientists, especially those in the region. AOGS Annual Meeting may serve as a good platform where scientists from Asia and Oceania could gather to discuss scientific drilling plans and come up with achievable action plans. We propose the 2024 annual meeting as a test bed for such a vision and commitment to scientific collaboration. New and existing ideas on scientific drilling in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are welcomed worldwide. We hope that our session will grow over the years. Participation and networking are important for any big achievement.

Keywords: Marine Geology;Scientific Ocean Drilling;Pacific and Indian Oceans

Prof Sang-Mook Lee (Seoul National University, Korea, South),
Dr Nugroho Hananto (National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia),
Prof Minoru Ikehara (Kochi University, Japan),
Prof Zhifei Liu (State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology Tongji University, China),
Dr Nisha Nair (National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, India),

17 Oct 2023 – 02 Jan 2024