Post-2024に向けた日欧共催WS-Phase 2- 開催日のお知らせ


2024年9月で終了する現行IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) の後継プログラムの始動に向け、日本と欧州の海洋科学に関係する機関の代表者は、2021年秋以降、共同プログラムを立ち上げるための準備を行ってきました。
新しいプログラムはInternational Ocean Drilling Programme (IODP3=IODP-cubed)という名称で、2025年1月の発足を目指しています。

J-DESCとECORD Science Support & Advisory Committee (ESSAC)は、この新しいプログラムでの掘削提案を創出するための科学ワークショップを計画しており、Phase 1を2023年1月にオンラインで開催しました。ここで出たアイディアを元に、より議論を深めるために、Phase2を2024年3月に、和歌山県にて開催予定です。



Workshop on the future of Scientific Ocean Drilling: Toward submission of drilling proposals for IODP3 – Phase 2

ECORD and Japan entities are finalising the launch of the International Ocean Drilling Programme – IODP³ (IODP-cubed) after 2024, open to international members and based on the implementation of mission-specific scientific drilling expeditions.

Following the online-only Phase-1 Workshop in January 2023, the Phase 2 Workshop will be held inperson (hybrid). The is aim to gather researchers representing promising drilling ideas that emerged during and after Phase-1 Workshop to present and discuss their scientific and operational plans to prepare for MSP and Chikyu drilling proposals to be submitted for IODP3. The Workshop is open to ~100 participants from any country.

【Dates and location of the Phase 2 Workshop】
18 – 20 March 2024
followed by a 2-day field trip
Nachikatsuura, Kii Peninsula


  • 6 hours by train from Tokyo, 4 hours by train from Osaka.
  • Far from major cities, aimed at fostering focused discussions(a retreat-like event).
  • 3 full days of workshop and a 2-day field trip (either 1 day or 2 days), allowing ample time for discussions. Participants on site will require a full week.
  • We plan to recommend several hotels within walking distance of the workshop venue, for each respective budget (TBD).
  • Notable local geology includes Neogene accretionary prism, forearc basin, and plutonic rocks. The region’s designation as a Geopark and World Heritage site. Lovely in-house hot springs in some hotels.
  • PMOs may provide support for travel expenses on a limited basis. (TBA)



カテゴリー: IODP, ワークショップ・シンポジウム パーマリンク