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Message to the scientific ocean drilling community

Next phase of scientific ocean drilling: the “International Ocean Discovery Program”

In August 2011, NSF informed the scientific drilling community of its plan to modify the funding and managing model for the JOIDES Resolution, generating a lot of questioning on the future organization of scientific drilling at the international level. Since then, representatives of NSF (USA), MEXT (Japan) and ECORD (European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling that includes 16 European countries and Canada) have worked on a new framework that takes into account the new NSF position. We are pleased to announce that we have made substantial progress. At a recent meeting held in Granada (Spain) on November 3rd, we have agreed to the following essential points that will shape the new framework: – IODP will remain a truly international programme committed to the delivery of the new science plan (http://www.iodp.org/Science-Plan-for-2013-2023/). At the international level, IODP will have only one face to communicate with other major science initiatives, potential new members, etc…

– IODP will continue offering access to the JOIDES Resolution, Mission Specific Platforms and the Chikyu to all members. However, the platforms will be managed independently.

– IODP will continue its policy of open access to all data and cores collected during drilling expeditions

– MEXT, NSF and ECORD have agreed that a common international SAS will evaluate all proposals for all platforms

– Under the new programme, the structure will be streamlined and simplified, resulting in the acceleration of project implementation to the benefit of the science community

– The new programme will be extremely flexible and encourage co-funding on a project or partner basis for all platforms. Co-funding for specific projects is expected to come from member or non member countries, industry, the European Commission, etc.

– We are committed to an increased collaboration with other major science initiatives, for example the International Scientific Continental Drilling Program (ICDP)

The “International Working Group Plus” (IWG+) will work out the final details of the new program architecture. As soon as they are available, they will be communicated to the international science community.

While a decision on renewed funding by NSF and most funding agencies currently participating in IODP will not be made until sometime in 2012, anticipatory plans for a transition from the current phase, ending September 30th, 2013 to the next phase, starting October 1st, 2013 must be in place should support continue. Therefore, we encourage all scientists worldwide to continue submitting drilling proposals. Proposal submission guidelines can be found at: http://www.iodp.org/drilling-proposals/

November 9th, 2011, the co-chairs of IWG+

Rodey Batiza, NSF <rbatizaの後に@nsf.gov>
Catherine Mevel, ECORD <mevelの後に@ipgp.fr>
Shingo Shibata, MEXT <shibataの後に@mext.go.jp>

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