IODP-ICDP journal “Scientific Drilling” Vol. 31が公開されました

Scientific Drilling (SD) は、科学掘削に関する最新情報を地球科学コミュニティに提供することに焦点を当てた学際的なジャーナルです。最新号(Vol. 31)が公開されましたので、是非、ご覧ください。

Scientific Drillingのウェブサイトよりご覧いただけます。

Vol. 31 もくじ;

<Science Reports>
P1 A synthesis of monsoon exploration in the Asian marginal seas
(P. D. Clift et al.)
P31  ICDP drilling of the Eger Rift observatory: magmatic fluids driving the
earthquake swarms and deep biosphere
(T. Fischer et al.)
P51  Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys (ICDP-DOVE): quantifying the age,
extent, and environmental impact of Alpine glaciations
(F. S. Anselmetti et al.)

<Technical Developments>
P71  A channel sampling strategy for measurement of mineral modal and chemical composition of drill cores: application to lower oceanic crustal rocks from IODP Expedition 345 to the Hess Deep rift
P85 Simple evaluation of the fold axis, axial plane, and interlimb angle from a borehole image log

<Workshop Reports>
P93  Mediterranean–Black Sea gateway exchange: scientific drilling workshop on the
BlackGate project


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