IODP Forum Chairの公募について

現在、IODP Forum Chairの公募が行われています。

なお、応募書類4番目の”A letter from an appropriate financial entity that endorses the candidate and commits to provide the funds for necessary salary and logistical support.” につきましては、J-DESCサポートオフィスにてご用意が可能です。



Call for Applications: IODP Forum Chair
Deadline: May 14, 2021

IODP is accepting applications from qualified candidates to serve as the next IODP Forum Chair, with a term beginning October 1, 2021. This is a two-year position with a third option year, dependent on additional funding. The Chair is expected to promote the scientific accomplishments of IODP at select scientific meetings, to attend the meetings of the Facility Boards and the Science Evaluation Panel, and to organize the annual IODP Forum meeting. As the role will require some dedicated time, the Chair should be provided appropriate support from their institution or Program Member Office. The new Chair will be selected by a designated committee, to be drawn from Program Member Office nominations.

The Chair of the IODP Forum will be selected for their scientific and managerial leadership and is expected to be a well-recognized scientist who will be the face of IODP. Given that IODP Forum participation is open to all countries, consortia, or entities providing funds for IODP platform operations, it is understood that the Chair of the IODP Forum should have his or her primary scientific affiliation in one of the IODP member/partner nations.

Each application package should include the following:

  • A statement describing the candidate’s interest in leading the IODP Forum and vision for ensuring that the Forum fulfills its mandate. Please see the IODP Forum Terms of Reference:
  • An up-to-date CV that clearly indicates any participation in scientific ocean drilling expeditions, significant research carried out with data or samples obtained via scientific ocean drilling, and any participation in program development, advisory structure, expedition leadership, or scientific ocean drilling program management.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from individuals who endorse the applicant’s personal, scientific, and managerial qualifications to lead the IODP Forum in its mandate and be the face of the IODP. It is strongly encouraged that at least one letter be from someone who has been involved with the science advisory or program management structure of scientific ocean drilling.
  • A letter from an appropriate financial entity that endorses the candidate and commits to provide the funds for necessary salary and logistical support. It would be most natural for this support to be provided by the financial entity that supports IODP participation in the candidate’s country of affiliation (i.e., the Program Member Office). However, other arrangements for financial support can be submitted if appropriate.

Completed nomination packages should be submitted to

by May 14, 2021.

Writers of the recommendation and financial endorsement letters may submit directly. The selection is expected to be made by mid-July so that the incoming Chair can attend the IODP Forum meeting tentatively planned for September as a transition to beginning their term starting October 1, 2021. Please feel welcome to contact

with any questions about the position.



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