Call for IODP Workshop Proposals

With the new Science Advisory Structure and proposal process in IODP, the demand for workshops (WS) will increase, in particular for WS aimed at producing full proposals that address the themes of the New Science Plan. Moreover, effective, long-term scheduling of platforms will require an improved mechanism to secure a critical mass of mature proposals in different oceans. Workshops with a regional focus assist such a planning effort.

IODP will therefore accept three types of WS proposals:

(1) Unsolicited or solicited proposals that will address scientific opportunities in a particular region, with or without specific scientific theme(s) in mind,

(2) Unsolicited WS proposals for thematic WS that have potential to develop new scientific approaches,

(3) Solicited by the Proposal Evaluation Panel (PEP) WS proposals to develop a full drilling proposal.

Ad (1): The need for regionally focused WS is significant. There is a critical need for a critical mass of proposals in different regions to enable fiscally efficient platform scheduling. Longrange planning to develop strong scientific proposals that justify sustained expedition activity in a geographic region is essential.

Ad (3): Solicited implies that a pre-proposal has been submitted and favorably reviewed by PEP, and with an invitation from PEP to the proponents to consider submission of a WS proposal.

Budget guidelines:

(1) Up to 30K USD from IODP
(2) Up to 30K USD from IODP
(3) Up to 15K USD from IODP

Proposals should not exceed five pages of text including figures (but excluding CVs) and must include:

  • Overall scientific or technical objectives, and their relevance to the science being targeted by the new drilling program;
  • Scope of topics to be covered by the workshop;
  • Rationale and strategy for drilling and other complementary experiments to achieve the scientific goals;
  • Potential for interactions with other international science programs;
  • Targeted audience/workshop participants (individuals or research groups);
  • Suggested timing and location of workshop;
  • Budget request with specifications of expected on-site meeting costs, travel costs for attendees and others (potential for funding from other organizations is highly desirable and should be addressed);
  • CVs for proposed meeting conveners (max 3) and steering committee members.

The steering committee will be responsible for organizing and implementing the WS, providing a brief meeting report for printing in Eos, and a more detailed report for the journal Scientific Drilling. The detailed report should include potential drilling targets and plans. The meeting conveners will act as steering committee co-chairs. A local logistical host can be added. The steering committee should have a national representation reflecting the broadness of IODP members.

Proposals for workshops to be held prior to October 2013 must be received no later than May 10, 2012. Email proposals to science[at]

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