International call for participation to J-DESC Core School: Basic Core Analysis

Date: 3-6 March, 2014
Venue: Kochi Core Center, Nankoku city, Kochi, Japan

For students and young scientists who have interest in core description and non-destructive measurements of marine sediment core.


Dr. Minoru Ikehara (Kochi Univ.) and Dr. Naokazu Ahagon (JAMSTEC-Kochi)


Ken Ikehara @GSJ/AIST
Minoru Ikehara @KCC, Kochi Univ.
Yuji Ichiyama @KCC, JAMSTEC
Go-ichiro Uramoto @ KCC, JAMSTEC
Lallan P. Gupta @KCC, JAMSTEC
Junichiro Kuroda@Geobios/JAMSTEC
Osamu Tadai @Marine Works Japan
Toshio Hisamitsu @KCC, JAMSTEC
Masafumi Murayama @KCC, Kochi Univ.

Language: English (and Japanese)


3rd March (Mon): 1pm-6pm
IODP and D/V Chikyu updates (L. Gupta)
Introduction to Visual Core Description (VCD) (K. Ikehara)
Introduction to Smear Slides (G. Uramoto)
Introduction to Non-destructive measurements (T. Hisamitsu)
4th March (Tue): 9am-6pm
Practice in visual core description and non-destructive measurements
5th March (Wed): 9am-6pm
Practice in visual core description and non-destructive measurements
6th March (Thu): 9am-12am
Summary meeting of core school

Practice items

X-ray CT scanner
Visual core description
Smear slides
Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL)

If you are interested in this International Core School, please feel free to contact with Dr. Minoru Ikehara (, a coordinator of this summer school.

School fee: about 9,000 yen

Travel support: Please ask to your appropriate IODP Program Member Offices <>.


Send an email to J-DESC support <> with your

1. full name
2. institution
3. position (grade)
4. email address
5. field of expertise.

We will accept a maximum nine applicants from overseas.

Application deadline: 3 February, 2014 closed

Please do not hesitate to contact with J-DESC support <> if you have any questions.

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