Call for participation in J-DESC Core School 2022 Summer [Basic Core Analysis course]

J-DESC is accepting applications from foreign students in Japan to the Basic Core Analysis course of J-DESC Core School.

*ATTENTION*: Lectures and practical trainings will be presented basically in Japanese. Participants can ask questions in English at any time. The textbook is prepared in English.



16 August, 2022  Pre-event,
17-19 August, 2022

・Participation in the pre-event on August 16 is optional.
・Due to the summer holiday close of Kochi University accommodation on August 16, please make your own arrangements for hotel accommodation on August 16.



Kochi Core Center, Nankoku city, Kochi, Japan


For students and early-career scientists in Japan who have interest in core description and non-destructive measurements of marine sediment core.

Participation fee

500 Japanese Yen

*Other expenses (including dormitory charges for 3 nights, meal charges): approx. 10,000 Japanese Yen

Application period

29 July to 7 August, 2022 (JST)
*first-come first-served
*We stopped accepting applications because there is no more place available. (30 July)

Travel expenses support for J-DESC members

Maximum 10,000 Japanese Yen/ person

Please select “Yes” to the question “Do you need travel expenses support? “ on the application form.


How to apply

Fill the application form.  (See below   *Open from 29th July)


Japanese (partially English*)

Lectures and practical trainings will be presented basically in Japanese. Participants can ask questions in English at any time. The textbook is prepared in English.



  • Outline of IODP (Pre-event)
  • Introduction to core curation (Pre-event)
  • Introduction to Visual Core description
  • Introduction to Smear slides
  • Introduction to Non-destructive measurement


Practice items

  • X-ray CT scanner
  • Visual core description
  • Smear slides
  • Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL)
  • Spectrophotometer



  • Goichiro Uramoto (Kochi Univ.)
  • Minoru Ikehara (Kochi Univ.)
  • Takeshi Arimoto (JAMSTEC)



  • Ken Ikehara @GSJ/AIST
  • Minoru Ikehara @KCC, Kochi Univ.
  • Tomohisa Irino @Hokkaido Univ.
  • Goichiro Uramoto @KCC, Kochi Univ.
  • Yusuke Kubo @ KCC, JAMSTEC
  • Junichiro Kuroda @ AORI, Tokyo Univ.
  • Osamu Tadai @ Marine Works Japan Ltd.
  • Toshio Hisamitsu @KCC, JAMSTEC



Color Measurement

Visual Core Description

Observation Smear Slids



If you have any questions or concerns about this course, please feel free to contact with J-DESC support office. (info [at]

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