Call for participation in J-DESC Core School [Basic Core Analysis course]

J-DESC is accepting applications from foreign students in Japan to the Basic Core Analysis course and the Core Isotope Analysis course of J-DESC Core School.

*ATTENTION*: Lectures and practical trainings will be presented basically in Japanese. Participants can ask questions in English at any time. The textbook is prepared in English.

Basic Core Analysis Course

* Call for the Core Isotope Analysis Course is here.



17-20 March, 2022


Kochi Core Center, Nankoku city, Kochi, Japan


For students and early-career scientists in Japan who have interest in core description and non-destructive measurements of marine sediment core.

Participation fee

1,000 Japanese Yen

*Other expenses (including dormitory charges for 3 nights, meal charges): approx. 10,000 Japanese Yen

Application deadline

17 February, 2022 (JST)
*first-come first-served

Travel expenses support for J-DESC members

Maximum 10,000 Japanese Yen/ person

Please select “Yes” to the question “Do you need travel expenses support? “ on the application form.


How to apply

Fill the application form. (See below)


Japanese (partially English*)

Lectures and practical trainings will be presented basically in Japanese. Participants can ask questions in English at any time. The textbook is prepared in English.



  • Outline of IODP
  • Introduction to Visual Core description
  • Introduction to Smear slides
  • Introduction to Non-destructive measurement
  • Introduction to core curation


Practice items

  • X-ray CT scanner
  • Visual core description
  • Smear slides
  • Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL)
  • Spectrophotometer



  • Goichiro Uramoto (Kochi Univ.)
  • Minoru Ikehara (Kochi Univ.)
  • Takeshi Arimoto (JAMSTEC)



  • Ken Ikehara @GSJ/AIST
  • Minoru Ikehara @KCC, Kochi Univ.
  • Tomohisa Irino @Hokkaido Univ.
  • Goichiro Uramoto @KCC, Kochi Univ.
  • Yusuke Kubo @ KCC, JAMSTEC
  • Junichiro Kuroda @ AORI, Tokyo Univ.
  • Osamu Tadai @ Marine Works Japan Ltd.
  • Toshio Hisamitsu @KCC, JAMSTEC


Color Measurement

Visual Core Description


If you have any questions or concerns about this course, please feel free to contact with J-DESC support office. (info [at]

Basic Core Analysis course

  • * Not the main telephone number of university
  • * Fill the address without limit of the number of the characters
    * Student from J-DESC members ONLY
  • * The coordinators use this for selection of participant.
  • *Food allergy, religion etc...
  • * If you would like to participate to the Isotope course also, please write here and apply via application form. And any other notifications.

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