Exp. 353 Indian Monsoon Rainfall

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Indian Monsoon Rainfall in the Core Convective Region ( iMonsoon )

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29 Nov. 2014 – 29 Jan 2015

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Singapore to Singapore


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Scientific Objectives

Based on IODP Proposal 795-Full2, the goal of this expedition is to obtain sediment sections from within the core region of Indian monsoon precipitation. Four sites in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea will target Late Cretaceous-Holocene sediments to better understand the physical and climatological mechanisms underlying changes in monsoonal precipitation, erosion, and run-off across multiple time scales.

The scientific objectives are to (1) establish the sensitivity and timing of changes in monsoon circulation relative to external insolation forcing and internal boundary conditions including the export of latent heat from the southern hemisphere, the extent of global ice volume, and greenhouse gas concentrations; (2) understand the timing and conditions under which monsoonal circulation initiated and evolved; (3) determine the extent to which Indian and East Asian monsoon winds and precipitation are coupled and at what temporal and geographic scales; and (4) better deconvolve the effects of tectonics and climate change on erosion and run-off.

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Steven Clemens & Wolfgang Kuhnt

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