Call for application to ECORD Facility Board member

Call for five active leading members of the international scientific community to serve of the new ECORD (The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling) Facility Board

DEADLINE: 5 October, 2012

From 2013 the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (2003-2013) will be called the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) “Exploring the Earth beneath the Sea”

The Science Plan “Illuminating Earth’s Past, Present and Future” ( is the guiding scientific document for the new IODP.

The new program architecture will maintain an overarching international umbrella and an international scientific evaluation system, but will allocate more independence to the platform providers. Individual Platform Providers contribute to IODP by fulfilling objectives identified in the Science Plan. NSF will operate the JOIDES Resolution as an independent Platform Provider. ECORD will operate the Mission Specific Platforms (MSPs) as an independent Platform Provider. MEXT/JAMSTEC will operate Chikyu as an independent Platform Provider.

Role of the Facility Board (FB) in the new ECORD Structure: Each Platform Provider will have its own Facility Board (FB) that will be responsible for the effective delivery of the Facility’s contribution to the IODP Science Plan with the available  resources. The ECORD Facility Board will be the key planning forum for MSP operations where the work program for  expeditions will be approved. For more information about the future of ECORD in the new IODP Program see:

Composition of the ECORD FB: The ECORD FB will five include senior leading scientists (Science Board), members from the  ECORD Executive Bureau, representatives from the ECORD Science Operator and the ECORD Managing Agency (EMA), and  representatives from ECORD/IODP funding agencies. The ECORD Facility Board will have liaisons from all major entities in the  program.

ECORD FB Tasks: The ECORD Facility Board will primarily: 1) schedule proposals for drilling based upon science priorities,  optimal geographic distribution, and costs; 2) assess the Annual ECORD plan; and 3) advise on long-term planning.

The ECORD FB will meet once a year. The first meeting of the ECORD FB is planned in Spring 2013. Costs incurred by the members of the ECORD FB will be fully covered by ECORD.

Application Process: Interested scientists should provide the ESSAC Office (see contact information below) with the following documents in PDF only: 1) a CV, 2) a letter of interest including your specific expertise, previous involvement in  DSDP/ODP/IODP (if applicable), and 3) a list of publications. The final selection is expected to be done by early November  2012.


For further information or questions contact:
ECORD Managing Agency (EMA) Office

Gilbert Camoin (Director)
Europôle Méditerranéen de l’Arbois, BP 80
13545 Aix-en-Provence CEDEX 4, France
Tel: +33 442 97 15 14
Mobile: +33 688 12 08 95

ESSAC (ECORD Science Support & Advisory Committee) Office

Carlota Escutia (Chair)
Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, IACT (CSIC-UGR)
Avda. de Las Palmeras nº 4 ,
18100, Armilla, Granada, SPAIN
tel: +34 958 23 00 00 + 190130/1900219
Mobile: +34 649461306

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