ECORD Facility Board(EFB)委員募集

欧州海洋掘削研究コンソーシアム(ECORD)より、ECORD Facility Board(EFB)委員の募集アナウンスがありましたのでご案内します。

募集対象:One Science Board member from Japan
応募書類の送付先:ESSAC Office e-mail:



The primary tasks of the ECORD Facility Board are to:

  • recommend MSP expedition schedules, based on ready-to-drill, high-priority science proposals, optimal geographic distribution and costs
  • assess the Annual ECORD Plan, including operations schedule, data management, publications, core curation, and scientific technical development
  • advise on long-term planning of MSP expeditions
  • participate in ECORD reviews of completed MSP expeditions
  • liaise with all major entities of IODP

Application Process: Interested scientists should send the following documents as PDFs to the ESSAC Office: (1) a letter of interest, including your area of expertise, research interests and previous involvement in DSDP/ODP/IODP (if applicable), (2) a CV and (3) a list of publications. To avoid conflicts of interest, applicants should not be proponents on active MSP proposals that are in the review stage or have yet to be recommended for scheduling.



カテゴリー: IODP, J-DESC パーマリンク