Chikyu IODP Board 委員募集:募集は終了しました

現在、Chikyu IODP Board(CIB:ちきゅうIODP運用委員会)の委員を募集しております。

任期: 2016年10月1日~2019年9月31日 (3年間)
募集〆切: 2016年8月15日 9月7日(延長しました)

Role of the Chikyu IODP Board:
The Chikyu IODP Board primarily recommends and advises JAMSTEC on: (1) the annual and the long-term Chikyu operations plans, based upon scientific advice from the IODP science advisory panel, (2) IODP-related activities such as data management, publications, core curating, capacity building and outreach programs, (3) activities regarding promotion of future drilling projects such as workshop organization and project coordination, and (4) other activities as needed.


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