AOGS 2022セッションIG09のご案内





AOGS 2022 session  IG09: Sampling the Oceanic Crust from the Surface to the Moho, a Long-term Scientific Drilling Objective


Prof. Susumu Umino (Kanazawa University)
Prof. Laura Crispini (Universita’ di Genova)
Dr. Fumio Inagaki (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Prof. Gregory Moore (University of Hawaii at Manoa)


For more than half a century, exploring a complete sequence of the oceanic crust from the seafloor through the Mohoroviˇci´c discontinuity (Moho) and into the uppermost mantle has been one of the most challenging missions of scientific ocean drilling. Such a scientific and technological achievement would provide humankind with profound insights into the largest realm of our planet and expand our fundamental understanding of Earth’s deep interior and its geodynamic behavior.
This session aims to bring together the knowledge of transdisciplinary fields of structural geology, geochemistry, geobiology, seismology, geodynamics, mineral physics, and particle geophysics, which will provide new constraints on and insights into the preparation and tactics needed for successful crustal drilling.  We welcome contributions from all of these fields as we prepare for scientific drilling on the NE Hawaiian Arch pursuing the MoHole Project goals.

Keywords: MoHole to Mantle drilling, Hawaiian North Arch, Deep oceanic crust


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