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2020 AGU Fall Meeting オンライン開催がスタートしております.

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ライブイベント:AGU Cinema Filmmaker Panels: Discussion on scientific films and the IODP Expedition 358
日時:12月10日(木)01:00 – 02:00(日本時間)

On Wednesday, 9 December, dive into the IODP Expedition 358 to watch a documentary about the scientific drilling vessel Chikyu (Earth) failed as it failed to drill through its main target; the plate boundary depth on designated drill site C2 located in the Nankai Through, Japan. This short documentary on earthquake research, now in premiere at AGU Sharing Science 2020, tells the story from the inside: its mission, ambitions, strategy, risks, operational struggles and eventually, its failure to reach the targeted depth and how this impacted the onboard scientists and engineers. Hear from filmmakers, as well as researchers from the expedition and science writers who documented the expedition, talk about their experiences as part of the AGU Cinema Filmmaker Panel:

The Science Behind the Framework for Scientific Ocean Drilling through 2050
のご案内です.コンビーナーのお一人は,神戸大学の島教授(Chikyu IODP Board 議長)

タイトル:OS024 – The Science Behind the Framework for Scientific Ocean Drilling
Through 2050 II Posters(ポスター)
日時:12月10日(木)21:00 – 12月11日(金)13:59(日本時間)

タイトル:OS026 – The Science Behind the Framework for Scientific Ocean Drilling
Through 2050 I(口頭)
日時:12月10日(木)22:30 – 23:30(日本時間)

This inspirational session, capturing contributed and invited talks focused on transformational outcomes from recent scientific drilling expeditions, mirrors the mounting international-community enthusiasm underpinning the future of scientific ocean drilling. During 2019, the scientific ocean drilling community took a unique approach to formulating the future of this international program. Science knowledge over the last 50 years of ocean drilling has greatly enhanced our understanding of Earth to such an extent, that a new, multi-decadal approach is necessary to understand in the required detail Earth’s climate, ocean health, geohazards, magnetic field and heat engine, subseafloor life, the plate tectonic cycle, and drilling through the Moho into the upper mantle. This session will highlight the science behind the need for such a multi-decadal approach as outlined in the new 2050 Science Framework: Exploring Earth by Scientific Ocean Drilling.

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タイトル:TH093 – Scientific Ocean Drilling : The Next Phase
日時:12月16日(水)09:00 – 10:00(日本時間)

The Framework is aspirational, intentionally open-ended, and will be reviewed every 5 years in response to new scientific and technological developments. Input from the broader research community is essential to maintaining and expanding the scientific vision of this international collaborative endeavor; thus, we invite stakeholders and researchers from across all disciplines to join the conversation as we look ahead to the future of scientific ocean drilling.

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