35th International Geological Congress(2016年,ケープタウン)のご案内



2016年8月27日~9月4日にケープタウンにて開催される35th International Geological


This symposium appears under the ‘Marine Geosciences and Oceanography’ theme.
The abstract submission is now open until January 2016. See detailed information at the website.

Please feel free to circulate this information widely to interested colleagues.
We look forward to hearing from you soon on that matter and to meeting you in Cape Town next year.

Best regards,

  • Gilbert CAMOIN, CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • James AUSTIN, UTIG, Austin, USA
  • Keir BECKER, RSMAS, Miami, USA
  • Yoshi TATSUMI, Kobe Unversity, Japan

The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) provides unique opportunities to investigate the workings of the interior of our planet, Earth’s cycles, natural hazards and the distribution of subsurface microbial life. The past and current scientific drilling programs have brought major advances in many multidisciplinary fields of socio-economic relevance, such as climate and ecosystem evolution, palaeoceanography, the deep biosphere, deep crustal and tectonic processes, geodynamics and geohazards. This session invites contributions that present and/or review recent scientific results from deep earth sampling and monitoring through ocean drilling projects.
Furthermore, we encourage contributions that outline perspectives and visions for future drilling projects, in particular projects using a multi-platform approach.

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