How to write application

I. Contact Information

This part indicates your personal and contact information.

Red Marked (*) places are necessary to put.

  • Present Title: your position title, such as Ph. D Student, Post-doctoral researcher, Professor
  • Education: your acadmic background, such as MS, Ph.D. etc
  • Are you currently a student?: if you are a student, please put “Yes”.  Carricurum vitae written in English should be attached to your application. If you are students, recommendation letter from your supervisor is necessary. On board supervisor is also required for master students.

II. Expedition Information

This part indicates your motivation to be on board.

  • Reason (s) for Interest
    Please write your reasons for interest in that particular expedition including your motivation and your expected contribution to the expedition. This part is very important for the good evaluation. Some evaluators are not necessarily expertise in your field. Your research background make your intension clear.
  • Personal and/or Scientific References
    Pesonal Rererence is your family and Science Reference is your supervisor and colleagues etc.
  • Previous DSDP/ODP/IODP Involvement
    Please indicate your experience in previous IODP expeditions

    (Ex) IODP Expedition 3XX, Sedimentologist
    Please specify your expertises (several checks are also accepted).


III. Attachments

  • Curriculum Vitae including publication history
    Necessary information includes

1.Your personal information
Name, your position title, affiliation, email address, phone number, postal address

2.Educational background

3.Your expertise

4.Resarch records

  • Recommendation letter
    If you are students, recommendation letter from your supervisor is necessary. No particular format is set.

Finally you can click “sumit” and finalize your application, then you will receive auto reply mail that you finished application.

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