Exp. 339 Mediterranean Outflow

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Environmental Significance of the Mediterranean Outflow Water and its Global Implications

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17 Nov., 2011 – 17 Jan., 2012


JOIDES Resolution

Drilling Site

Scientific objectives

This expedition (based on IODP Proposal 644-Full) will address the importance of ocean gateways in regional and global ocean circulation and climate by coring and logging seven sites on the contourite depositional system (CDS) in the Gulf of Cadiz and the West Iberian Margin. The primary objectives are (1) to reconstruct the long-term variability of Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW) and impact of sea level change on MOW since the Miocene, (2) to evaluate the role of the Gibraltar Gateway on North Atlantic Ocean circulation and global climate, and (3) to document syn-sedimentary neotectonic controls on architecture and evolution of the CDS.

 This expedition will also address the scientific objectives of IODP Proposal 763-APL that aims to produce a marine reference section of Plio-Pleistocene millennial-scale climate variability and changes in surface and deep-water circulation along the Portuguese Margin. Records from this reference section will constrain the temporal relationships of abrupt climate change recorded in the northeast Atlantic Ocean, the polar ice cores, and European terrestrial records.

Co-chief scientist

Francisco J. Hernandez-Molina & Dorrik Stow

 Shipboard scientists from J-DESC

Name Institution Position Expertise
Junichiro Kuroda JAMSTEC Reseearch Scientist Sedimentologist
Yasuhiro Takashimizu Niigata University Associate Professor Sedimentologist
Futoshi Nanayama AIST Senior Researcher Sedimentologist
Naohisa Nishida AIST Post-doctoral Researcher Sedimentologist
Satoshi Furota Hokkaido University Graduate Student Sedimentologist

Francisco J.

JAMSTEC Post-doctoral Researcher Physical Properties Specialist

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