Apply to sail as the Science Party of the IODP Expedition


Applicants should be scientists and students who belongs to Japanese research institutions located in Japan.

Selection Process

The selection process to be the Science Party of IODP Expedition is as follows. The Implementing Organization (IO) of an IODP Expedition will decide the Science Party according to J-DESC recommendation.

  1. Online application
    Applicants should apply from the J-DESC online application (Go to the online application). Curriculum Vitae written in English is required. Students require recommendation letters from the counselors and Master students require coaching during the  expedtion. Please refer to the application guideline.
  2. Ranking by J-DESC
    Submitted applications will be reviewed by J-DESC IODP Section Members, and will be ranked in accordance with J-DESC standard. This ranking is a reference data for IOs and Co-Chiefs of the each expedition. Reviewed and ranked application is sent to the IO for the final selection.
  3. Selection by IOs and Co-Chiefs
    IOs and Co-Chiefs select scientists in accordance with countries, science fields, experiences, and ages. Most numbers of scientists are selected.
  4. Decision of the Science Party
    IOs may ask the applicants the detailed information, and may start the additional call for scientists for some science fields.
    Final decision (pass or fail) will be directly sent to the applicants.

The Science Party will receive travel supports from J-DESC/IODP Travel Support.