Exp. 366 Mariana Convergent Margin

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Expedition Information


Mariana Convergent Margin & South Chamorro Seamount


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Expedition Schedule

30 Nov 2016 to 30 Jan 2017

Drilling Vessel

JOIDES Resolution


Guam/ TBD

Drilling Sites


Scientific Objectives

The IODP Mariana Convergent Margin Expedition (based on IODP proposals 505-Full5 and 693-APL) will investigate geochemical, tectonic, and biological processes at intermediate depths of an active subduction zone. This expedition will core the summits and flanks of serpentinite mud volcanoes on the forearc of the Mariana system, a non-accretionary convergent plate margin in the western Pacific. In addition, a reentry cone and casing system will be installed at three of these sites to provide the infrastructure for post-cruise installation of long-term monitoring; the existing Hole 1200C borehole observatory (CORK) will also be removed.

Sediments, rocks, and fluids recovered during this expedition will be used to (1) to understand mass transport and geochemical cycling in subduction zones of non-accretionary forearcs at convergent margins; (2) to ascertain spatial and temporal variability of slab-relate fluids in the forearc environment to trace dehydration, carbonate dissolution, and water/rock reactions in the subduction zone; (3) to understand physical properties of the subduction zone as controls over dehydration reactions and seismicity; (4) to study spatial and temporal variability in metamorphic and tectonic processes and the history of these processes in non-accretionary forearc regions; and (5) to investigate controls over biological activity associated with these mud volcano processes.

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Call for application

Call for application(deadline 17 Aug 2015)

Call for application

Requested Science Field
  • sedimentologists
  • structural geologists
  • paleontologists
  • biostratigraphers
  • petrologists
  • paleomagnetists
  • petrophysicists
  • borehole geophysicists
  • microbiologists
  • inorganic/organic geochemists
  • other related field
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Application Deadline

17 Aug 2015

Support for Japanese-based IODP Science Party

Invited science party is supported by J-DESC for several years, including:

  1. Pre-cruise Training:travel support for training before the cruise;
  2. Expedition:travel support for the expedition;
  3. After cruise work:analysis during the moratorium; and
  4. Post-cruise research:Research funding upto three years after the expedition


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