Exp. 365 NanTroSEIZE Megasplay Borehole Observatory

Expedition Info

Expedition Information


NanTroSEIZE Shallow Megasplay Long Term Borehole Monitoring System(LTBMS)


Mar 26 – Apr 27, 2016

Drilling Vessel


Scientific Objectives

The Expedition 365 goals are to:

  1. Recover a set of temporary monitoring and geochemical sampling
    instruments from Hole C0010A that were emplaced in December 2010 at the
    same level as casing screens spanning the megasplay fault as part of IODP
    Expedition 332,
  2. Drill out the cement at the casing shoe and deepen the hole to ~656 mbsf,
  3. Install a permanent LTBMS that includes geodynamic, hydrologic, and
    thermal monitoring equipment
Co-chief Scientists

Achim Kopf and Demian Saffer

Science Party from J-DESC

Now call for application

Call for application (Deadline: 31 Aug 2015)

Call for application

Preferred Science field
  • organic and inorganic geochemistry
  • microbiology
  • hydrogeology
  • observatory scientists
  1. How to apply (Apply now)
  2. How to write application
Application Deadline

31 Aug 2015


Carricurum vitae written in English should be attached to your application. If you are students, recommendation letter from your supervisor is necessary. On board supervisor is also required for master students.

Support information for IODP Science Party

Invited science party is supported by J-DESC for several years, including:

  1. Pre-cruise Training:travel support for training before the cruise;
  2. Expedition:travel support for the expedition;
  3. After cruise work:analysis during the moratorium; and
  4. Post-cruise research:Research funding upto three years after the expedition


J-DESC Support
E-mail: info_@_j-desc.org