Exp. 363 Western Pacific Warm Pool

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Expedition Information


Paleoceanographic Records of Western Pacific Warm Pool Paleoceanography
Proposal#799-Full2 (PDF)
Proposal#799-Add (PDF)

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Expedition Schedule

 30 Sep to 30 Nov 2016

Drilling Vessel

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Scientific Objectives

The Western Pacific Warm Pool (WPWP) Expedition (based on IODP Proposal 799-Full2) aims to understand the interaction between climate and the WPWP from the middle Miocene to Holocene. A series of sites will be drilled in the western equatorial Pacific to investigate (1) the role and response of the WPWP to millennial climate variability during the late Quaternary, (2) changes in the WPWP and relation to monsoon activity on orbital timescales during the Pliocene-Pleistocene, (3) changes in the Indonesian Throughflow during the Pliocene-Pliestocene, and (4) the long-term evolution of WPWP sea surface temperature (SST) and water chemistry since the middle Miocene.

Sediments obtained from these sites will investigate the relationships between millennial-scale variability in the tropical Pacific and in the northern Atlantic; the controls on tropical Pacific SST and the SST gradient on various time scales; the response of the hydrologic cycle and the mechanisms controlling these variations; the evolution of the WPWP from the mid-Miocene Climate Optimum to the present; and the relationships between changes in the equatorial Pacific mean climate state and dynamical processes and how they relate to the Pliocene-Pleistocene transitions.

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