Exp. 360 Indian Ridge Moho

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The Nature of the Lower Crust and Moho at Slower Spreading Ridges (SloMo)

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30 November 2015 – 30 January 2016

Drilling Vessel

JOIDES Resolution


Ports (start/end)

Colombo (Sri Lanka) to Port Louis (Mauritius)


Drilling Sites

Scientific Objectives

The Indian Ridge Moho Expedition, the first of a two expedition program based on IODP Proposal 800-Full, will initiate drilling through the Atlantis Bank gabbroic massif 500 m into mantle near ODP Hole 735B. The two major objectives are (1) to recover the lowermost gabbros and crust-mantle transition to understand the processes creating mid-ocean ridge basalt, and (2) to resolve the controversy as to whether the Moho at slow spreading ridges can be a serpentinization front. Additional objectives include constraining the lateral heterogeneity of the lower crust, the nature of magnetic reversals in plutonic rock, as well as the stress-strain evolution of a plate boundary undergoing asymmetric seafloor spreading.

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