Exp. 359 Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level

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Currents, monsoon and sea level in the Indian Ocean: the Neogene of the Maldives

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30 Sep. – 30 Nov. 2015

Drilling Vessel

JOIDES Resolution

Ports (start/end)

Darwin (Australia) to Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Drilling Sites

Scientific Objectives

The Maldives Monsoon expedition (IODP Proposal 820-Full) will investigate Neogene Indian Ocean environmental change and the onset of the modern carbonate depositional system driven by fluctuations in sea level and ocean currents. Seven sites will be drilled across the Maldives carbonate system to obtain sediments from the inner-platform to the continental slope including drifts deposits. These will (1) document environmental changes in the Maldives and place the Maldives current system into the larger scale ocean current framework during Neogene global cooling and monsoon evolution, (2) determine the onset of the modern depositional system, and (3) constrain the pre- to post-drowning evolution of the carbonate bank by linking existing seismic stratigraphic and the new sedimentary records.

This expedition will also core one site along the western Indian continental margin (IODP Proposal 849-APL) to obtain a Paleocene-Holocene sedimentary sequence within the proximal core region of summer monsoon precipitation to reconstruct the pre-monsoonal and monsoonal ocean salinity, and erosion, weathering and run-off in the Eastern Arabian Sea.

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