Exp. 356 Indonesian Throughflow

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Expedition Information


Reefs Oceans and climate: A 5 Million Year History of th Indonesian Throughflow, Australian Monsoon and Subsidence on the Northwest Shelf of Australia

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31 Jul. – 30 Sep. 2015

Drilling Vessel

JOIDES Resolution

Ports (start/end)

Fremantle to Darwin (Australia)


Drilling Sites

Scientific Objectives

The Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) Expedition (based on IODP Proposal 807-Full) will drill a latitudinal transect on the northwest Australian shelf to test several hypotheses, including (1) that tectonic restriction of the ITF was variable over the last 5 million years; (2) that the Australian monsoon has undergone repeated cycles of initiation and shutdown related to solar cycles in the absence of topographic effects; and (3) that Australia’s rapid northward movement towards the Southeast Asian subduction slab graveyard induced dynamic drawdown of the Earth’s surface that progressively swept southwards across the continent.

Sediments obtained from this transect will document (1) the timing and variability of the ITF, the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and onset of the Leeuwin Current to understand the controls on Quaternary extra-tropical carbonate and reef deposition, (2) a 5 Myr orbital scale (sub)tropical climate and ocean archive to chart the variability of the Australian monsoon and onset of aridity in NW Australia, and (3) the spatial and temporal subsidence patterns along the NW shelf to constrain the interaction between Australian plate motion and mantle convection and ground truth geodynamic models.

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Stephen Gallagher & Craig Fulthorpe

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