Exp. 355 Arabian Sea Monsoon

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Deep sea drilling in the Arabian Sea: Constraining tectonic-monsoon interactions in South Asia

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31 Mar. to 31 May. 2015

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Ports (start/end)

Colombo (Sri Lanka) to Mumbai (India)

Drilling sites

Scientific Objectives

The Arabian Sea Monsoon Expedition (based on IODP Proposal 793-CPP2) aims to understand the interaction between the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau uplift and the development and evolution of the Indian summer monsoon. Four sites in the eastern Arabian Sea will target sediments of the Indus submarine fan to better understand the co-evolution of mountain building, weathering and erosion, and climate across multiple time scales.

The scientific objectives are to (1) test whether Greater Himalayan exhumation is correlated with proposed monsoon intensification after 23 Ma; (2) determine if the monsoon strengthened or weakened at 8 Ma; (3) constrain the timing of the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau uplift by dating the initiation of fan sedimentation; and (4) decipher the nature of the basement in the Laxmi Basin (eastern Arabian Sea) to constrain the early rifting process and its relation to the emplacement of the Deccan Flood Basalts along the western continental margin of India.

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Dhananjai Pandey & Peter Clift

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