Exp. 354 Bengal Fan

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Neogene and late Paleogene record of Himalayan orogeny and climate: a transect across the Middle Bengal Fan

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 29 Jan. to 31 Mar. 2015

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Singapore to Colombo (Sri Lanka)

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Scientific Objectives

The Bengal Fan Expedition is based on IODP Proposal 552-Full3 and will drill a transect of sites across the middle Bengal Fan to obtain a Neogene and late Paleogene record of Himalayan orogeny and climate. The objectives are to investigate interactions among the growth of the Himalaya and Tibet, the development of the Asian monsoon, and processes affecting the carbon cycle and global climate.

One deep penetration site aims to document the early stages of Himalayan erosion, the India-Eurasia collision, and the development of the Himalaya and Tibet. The transect will constrain the Neogene development of the Asian monsoon, its impact on sediment supply and flux, and allow quantitative studies of the interrelations of climate change and sediment accumulation. Sediments obtained will document (1) uplift history through erosional flux and deposition patterns and detailed geochronology of minerals, (2) Himalayan evolution from isotopic tracing of particle origin and age, and (3) environmental and climate conditions through sediment granulometry, mineralogy and geochemistry, organic matter composition and oxygen isotopes of microfossils.

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Christian France-Lanord & Tilmann Schwenk

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