Exp. 352 Izu Bonin Mariana: Forearc

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Testing Subduction Initiation and Ophiolite Models by Drilling the Bonin Forearc

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 30 Jul. to 29 Sep. 2014

Drilling Vessel

JOIDES Resolution

Ports (start/end)

Yokohama (Japan) to Keelung (Taiwan)

 Drilling Sites

Scientific Objectives

This expedition, based on IODP Proposal 696-Full4, aims to examine early processes in magmatic evolution, chemostratigraphy and arc crustal accretion that are associated with subduction initiation at intra-oceanic convergence plate margins. The objectives will be achieved by coring through the sediment and into the volcanic stratigraphy at two sites on the outer Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) forearc trench system, with total penetrations of ~ 1 km in oceanic crust in water depths between 3.1 and 4.8 km.

Scientific objectives are to (1) obtain a high-fidelity record of magmatic evolution during subduction initiation by coring volcanic rocks down to underlying intrusive rocks, including obtaining radiometric and biostratigraphic ages; (2) understand the chemical gradients within the rock units and across their transitions, as well as their tectonic significance; and (3) provide empirical constraints for subduction initiation geodynamic models by examining how mantle melting processes evolve from early decompression melting of fertile asthenosphere to late flux melting of depleted mantle. Results from these objectives will help to test the hypotheses that (1) “forearc basalt” tholeiites lie beneath boninites; and (2) forearc lithosphere created during subduction initiation is the birthplace of suprasubduction zone ophiolites.

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Julian Pearce & Mark Reagan

Japan-based Scientists applied through J-DESC 

Name Affiliation Title Role on board
Kenji Shimizu JAMSTEC/IFREE Research Scientist Core Description-Petrologist
Katsuyoshi Michibayashi Shizuoka Univ. Professor Physical Properties Specialist
Tetsuya Sakuyama JAMSTEC/IFREE Scientist Physical Properties Specialist
Marie Python Hokkaido Univ. Assistant Professor Core Description-Petrologist/Alteration


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