Exp. 351 Izu Bonin Mariana: Arc Origins

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Continental Crust Formation at Intra-Oceanic Arc:Arc Foundations, Inception, and Early Evolution

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30 May.  to 30 Jul. 2014

Drilling Vessel

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Ports (start/end)

 Yokohama to Yokohama (Japan)

 Drilling Sites

Scientific Objectives

Based on IODP Proposal 695-Full2, this expedition will examine the inception and evolution of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) Arc by obtaining a sedimentary and crustal record from the Amami Sankaku Basin.

The primary objectives are (1) to examine the petrology and age of the crust to infer the geochemistry of the mantle prior to IBM arc inception and determine the mantle source of the arc foundation; (2) to obtain records of IBM arc inception and growth, late Mesozoic-early Paleogene eastern Tethys paleoceanography, and East Asian monsoon conditions during the Neogene; and (3) to determine if early uplift or subsidence was associated with subduction initiation.

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Richard Arculus and Osamu Ishizuka


Japan-based Scientists applied through J-DESC

Name Affiliation  Title Role on board
Osamu Ishizuka AIST Senior Scientist Co-chief Scientist
Kyoko Kanayama Kanazawa University Post-doctral researcher Core Description-Sedimentologist
Yuki Kusano Kanazawa University Post-doctral researcher Core Description-Igneous Petrologist
Morihisa Hamada JAMSTEC Scientist Physical Properties Specialist


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