Exp. 342 Newfoundland Sediment Drifts

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Newfoundland Paleogene and Cretaceous Sediment Drifts: Deep sea circulation in a Greenhouse world

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18 Jun. – 17 Aug . 2012


JOIDES Resolution

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Scientific objectives

Based on IODP Proposal 661-Full2, this expedition will drill a depth transect into late Cretaceous-Oligocene sediment drifts off the coast of Newfoundland that contain an extensive record of early Late Cretaceous and Paleogene “Extreme Climate” events and the possible onset of Eocene northern hemisphere glaciation. Scientific objectives include (1) the history of the North Atlantic deep waters during the Paleogene and latest Cretaceous; (2) the history of possible Northern hemisphere glaciation in the Eocene and Oligocene; (3) abyssal chemistry, vertical structure, and flow strength of the Deep Western Boundary Current and outflow from the Arctic and Nordic seas; (4) expanded records of extreme climate events such as the Eocene-Oligocene glacial step (Oi1), the early Paleogene hyperthermals, and the Cretaceous /Paleogene mass extinction; and (5) extension of the astronomical timescale throughout the Cenozoic.

Co-chief scientist

Richard Norris & Paul Wilson

 Shipboard scientists from J-DESC


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Japan-based scientists may apply to J-DESC.

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15 Sep., 2011
21 Oct., 2011 (new deadline)

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