Exp. 341 Alaska Tectonics, Climate, and Sedimentation

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Drilling of Sediments from the Southern Alaska Continental Margin: 1
– Interactions of Tectonics, Climate, and Sedimentation

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27 May – 27 Jul., 2013


JOIDES Resolution

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Scientific objectives

Based on IODP Proposal 686-Full, this expedition will examine the ties between tectonically driven orogenic processes, glacial processes, and north Pacific and global climate by obtaining high-resolution late-Cenozoic sedimentary records across the southern Alaska continental margin. The primary objectives are (1) Document the tectonic response of an active orogenic system to Pliocene and Mid-Pleistocene climate change, (2) to establish the timing of Neogene advance and retreat phases of the Southern Alaskan Cordilleran Ice Sheet, (3) to determine the depositional history and glacial record of margin sediments, and (4) to document the behavior of the geomagnetic field at high temporal resolution to assess processes that control secular variation and geomagnetic polarity reversals.

Co-chief scientist

John Jaeger and Sean Gulick

 Shipboard scientists from J-DESC

Name Institution Position Expertise
Itsuki Suto Nagoya University Assistant Professor Diatom Micropaleontologist
Akemi Fukumura Nagoya University Graduate Student Diatom Micropaleontologist
Susumu Konno Yamagata University Technical Assistant Diatom Micropaleontologist
Takanori Ojima AORI, the University of Tokyo Graduate Student Physical Properties Specialist
Arata Kioka AORI, the University of Tokyo Graduate Student Physical Properties Specialist
Azumi Kuroyanagi AORI, the University of Tokyo Post-doctoral Reseracher Planktonic Foram Micropaleontologist
Atsunori Nakamura AORI, the University of Tokyo Graduate Student Inorganic Geochemist
Hirokazu Mizunuma Tohoku University Graduate Student Radiolarian Micropaleontologist

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