Exp. 340 Lesser Antilles Volcanisms and Landslides

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Drilling volcanic landslides deposits and volcanoclastic sediments in the Lesser Antilles Arc: implications for hazard assessment and long term magmatic evolution of the arc

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17 Jan. – 18 Mar., 2012


JOIDES Resolution

Drilling Sites

Scientific objectives

Based on IODP Proposal 681-Full2, this expedition will investigate the constructive and destructive processes of volcanic arcs by drilling sites along the Lesser Antilles Arc. The primary objectives are (1) to characterize the processes and timing of eruptive activity along the arc, (2) to reconstruct volcanism during the early marine and subaerial stages of volcano construction, (3) to identify the mechanisms controlling triggering, transport, and deposition of submarine debris avalanches from collapsing island volcanoes, and (4) to assess the role of erosion, fragmentation and incorporation of sediments and water in debris avalanche mobility with implications for risk assessments.

Co-chief scientist

Anne Le Friant and Osamu Ishizuka (AIST)

 Shipboard scientists from J-DESC

Name Institution Position Expertise
Osamu Ishizuka AIST Researcher Co-chief Scientist
Yoshihiko Tamura JAMSTEC Team Leader Core Description
Kyoko S. Kataoka Niigata university Associate Professor Core Description
Fukashi Maeno ERI, the University of Tokyo Assistant Professor Core Description
Daisuke Endo University of Tsukuba Graduate Student Core Description
Akihiko Fujinawa Ibaraki University Professor Core Description
Tatsuya Adachi Yamagata University Graduate Student Physical Properties/
Downhole Measurements Specialist
Takeshi Saito Shinshu University Assistant Professor Paleomagnetist

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