Exp. 336 Mid-Atlantic Microbiology

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Exploring the Plutonic Crust at a Fast-spreading Ridge: New drilling at Hess Deep

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17 Sep. – 17 Nov., 2011


JOIDES Resolution

Drilling Sites


Scientific objectives

Based on IODP Proposal 677-Full, this expedition will examine the microbiology of a sediment pond and the underlying young, cold, and hydrologically active flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Drilling operations at three sites will include sediment/basalt coring, basement logging, and installation of three long-term subseafloor observatories. The primary science objectives are to investigate (1) the nature of microbial communities in young ridge flanks and their role in crustal weathering, and (2) the origin of deep-seated microbial communities.

Co-chief scientist

Katrina Edwards and Wolfgang Bach

 Shipboard scientists from J-DESC

Name Institution Position Expertise
Yumiko Harigane AIST Researcher Petrologist
Hisako Hirayama JAMSTEC Research Scientist Microbiologist
Kasumi Sakata Osaka University Graduate Student Organic Geochemist
Kentaro Nakamura JAMSTEC Research Scientist Petrologist

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